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We are a xbox live clan so we prefer that you have a xbox 360 and xbox live. if you have a xbox live account send it to the clan lead in a email and we will add you on the page. Contact him at Shoot me noobs.
Hey welcome to the PPB Clan webpage.
I am laying down a couple of basic rules that are to followed at all times...

Rule #1-Have a good time in the clan. Seriously have fun after all its a game and if your not having fun why play???

Rule #2-Try to keep cussing in forum posts to a minimum. I dont mind one here and there but i dont want 20 in a post.

Rule #3-Dont give the clan a bad name. This one is quite serious we are really laid back but I dont want people trash talking and giving our group a bad name.

Rule #4-What a Officer or leader of the clan says goes. I dont wanna hear he did this or they did that there is a reason there are Officers. (side note if a Officer tells you to do something that you feel will hurt the clan or other members bring to my attention please)

Rule #5-If the leader is unable to log on for a while the second in command is in charge till the leader is able to return. (Meaning if u have a issuie you will go to second of command if the leader is unavlible)

Aight yall that about sums it up.
Have fun

Your clan leader, Shoot me noobs.
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